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Continuous Steamer Cooker


Cooking systems with heating techniques from the experience of Food Machinery Company specialists have been tested, trial and error together with our customers. Until it crystallizes, it is a system for cooking food with stable and consistent heat, reducing waste from the production process. Along with maintaining the nutritional value of the manufacturer as needed in order to pass on the highest benefits to the hands of consumers with various types of heating techniques in the production line to be consistent in the distribution of heat closely, whether it is Rectangular, Circular, Vacuum, and Continuous Cooker, it can be assured that your products will be of high quality throughout the production process.

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  1. FM Cooker is manufactured of stainless steel 304L (SUS304L) with a strong structure and no reaction with the food.

  2. It is designed to be in compliance with GMP and HACCP standards.

  3. The machine is controlled by a semi-automatic system that can set the cooking procedure in more than one stage of different cooking temperatures and It can record the program more than 100 programs. There is a touch screen that can select 3 modes of operation as follows:

    • Timing mode: the cooking time is set by users and suitable for the product which has been studied and specified as the standard cooking schedule.

    • Backbone mode: the cooking time is set by cor temperature of raw materials. The system will show the temperature in real time. The process will be finished when reaches the required temperature.

    • Timing and Backbone mode: It uses both the Timing and Backbone modes process together.

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