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Our Company

We have 2 companies to support manufacturing machinery

for food processing.


Food Machinery


Robot Technology

What We Do

Food Machinery

  • Food Machinery Co., Ltd. manufactures machinery for food processing to sell to customers in the group food industry in the country and abroad with a commitment to leadership and optional the best for customers Therefore, we intend to design and develop machines. to be up-to-date according to standards The global industry aims to create products to meet the highest customer satisfaction and the rapid growth of modern technology.

Robot Tech

Robot Technology

  • Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of packaging machinery. We provides robust and reliable end of line solutions. Our end-of-line solutions include a wide range of equipment for sleeving, overwrapping, case forming, case packing, stacking, elevating and palletizing. We design and engineer robotic and automation machinery to suit your specific packaging needs. Our bespoke approach to creating packaging machinery allows you to tailor the machines to your requirements. 

Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
Robot Tech Co., Ltd.
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